Successful companies are always learning, always improving, and always smart about how they do it. But maintaining this forward trajectory requires expertise, creativity and manpower –which is exactly what Catapult provides. We are seasoned marketing tacticians who create breakthroughs. Let us help you aim true, hit your target and make the desired impact while keeping things functional and sustainable within your business.

Here are some examples of how we've helped clients:


Study Group

With 98% of its clients coming from agents, we were retained to identify the best way to bring all agents onto a digital platform that would enable dynamic pricing. In building this plan, we saw opportunity to grow referral revenue through agent recognition, incentives, branding and social marketing. Our experience and high-level thinking helped us identify complementary growth strategies that leveraged existing resources and strengthened the impact of their efforts.

Huntington National Bank

For several years, we worked as part of another agency’s team to develop a new member acquisition strategy for pre-screened home equity loans, integrating data from list providers and credit bureaus while also creating a profitability model. The resulting execution included dozens of direct mail kits using champion-challenger methodology. (We also managed the implementation and tracking.)